Stefanie Kuepper

Legal Translator - German to English

Solicitor (non-practising) | Qualified in German and English Law | 1. Juristisches Staatsexamen | LLM European Law

I am a lawyer and professional translator who offers legal translations from German into English.

I mainly work with law firms, corporations and boutique translation firms, as well as for EU institutions and the German Ministry of Justice.

About Me

Given my legal background as an English solicitor combined with a German law degree and Master’s degree in European law, I am uniquely positioned to provide high-end translations that take account of the differences in the legal traditions of English- and German-speaking countries.

I was raised bilingually and have lived, studied and worked extensively in both the UK and in Germany. Since 2009 I have been working as a professional legal translator. Before that I trained and worked as a solicitor with international law firm, SJ Berwin, in London and Frankfurt.

I hold the following professional qualifications:


I provide meticulously researched, well thought out and carefully worded translations of even the most complex German legal materials into English.

Recent projects include translations of a variety of commercial contracts, GDPR policies, ECJ judgments, employment contracts, requests for mutual judicial assistance, scholarly legal articles, law firm website content, solicitor-client correspondence and M&A documentation.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and I will consider other types of texts of a more general nature. I also offer proofreading and revision services of translated texts and texts written by non-native speakers.


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

In order to make you a detailed offer in terms of price and timeframe, please send me the source text or a few representative sample paragraphs/pages, preferably as a Word file. All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.

For further guidance on how to get the best translation results possible, please refer to the free guide available on the website of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting:

Translation, getting it right


"We worked with Ms Kuepper on several translation projects and she proved to be an excellent choice to work with. She is highly professional and, owing to her legal expertise, produces polished and terminologically accurate translations. She always meets deadlines and is willing to accommodate any extra wishes the client may have. A pleasure to work with and someone you can count on to always produce outstanding work!"

OPTIMUS Übersetzungen GmbH

"Stefanie is a joy to work with, she provides excellent translations and is extremely helpful."

Geotext Translations, Inc.

"Stefanie is very pleasant to work with & delivers good quality translations. Her professionalism and reliability have made her one of my agency's most frequently used translators in a very short time."

Ramona Krauss, Sprachmarkt

"Stefanie Kuepper delivers excellent translation results quickly. It's not just the translation you get. It's the overall package and service which is persuasive, such as corrections, alternative translation suggestions and much more."

Thomas Lemmer, NT–ware Systemprogrammierungs-GmbH

"She delivered the translations in record time and at a level of quality, which I have not experienced with any other translation provider. She was readily available, more or less around the clock, to deal with queries and clarify any points for me. In addition to the straight translation work, she provided valuable content-related input on cultural aspects of negotiating and communicating in the English-speaking world, which proved invaluable for my business (for example details on business etiquette, idioms, meeting conventions etc.). Her previous experience in a large City law firm is more than obvious. The bottom line: highly recommended."

Jörg Pfützenreuter, VerhandlungsWerkstatt


Stefanie Kuepper

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